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screenshot of aaAA eeEE Anjali webseries

TransVision: new community video channel by transpeople in India

TransVision, community-run Youtube channel, debuts with a web series ‘Anjali’ by and about the transgender community in India.


Experiences of Queer Students During their School Life in India

Based on a qualitative study of school experiences of young queer people in Delhi, Surabhi Shukla has developed a website with online resources and a model ‘Sexual Rights and Anti- Discrimination Policy’ for schools in India.


How the Anti- Discrimination and Equality Bill affects the LGBT Community and Those Perceived to Belong to the LGBT Community

Surabhi Shukla lists salient features and some concerns that Shashi Tharoor’s non-discrimination bill poses to the LGBT community in India


from Chennai, an anthem for lesbian love

Chennai’s Malini Jeevarathnam brings you a lesbian anthem you will _want_ to stand up for.