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Rights of Transgender Persons Bill (2014) moved in Rajya Sabha: MP Tiruchi Siva

Full text of 'RIGHTS OF TRANSGENDER PERSONS BILL (2014) moved in the Rajya Sabha by Tiruchi Siva, Member of Parliament from DMK, Tamil Nadu.

Update from Telangana: Pravallika case solved

Police dept. of Cyberabad has arrested murderer of Pravallika, hijra murdered in Jan 2015, and taken action against its own for sexually assaulting S.

Grant for groups challenging Section 377 IPC

The US-based 377 No Going Back Initiative fund seeks applications from India-based organisations working to challenge Sec 377.

A Journey of Faith: engaging Indian churches theologically on LGBT issues

Rev. Winnie Varghese engages theologically with Indian churches on LGBT issues in her book published in 2015 by Serampore College.