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I am a cis-gendered woman, writing to all You unapologetic ‘I’ supporters

This letter is in response to the unapologetic defenders of the blatant transphobia in Director Shankar’s film ‘I’.

“Ojas wasn’t cast as sex starved transgender. It was just a character. In fact, the doctor character was also shown like that in …

IAS officer’s homophobia is old-hat

The social networks are abuzz with the news of a certain Tamil Nadu cadre IAS officer, Mr. C. Umashankar, at a Christian rally promoting homophobia, with a Tamil translation of the obligatory Leviticus quote dissing man-on-man action. The call for homosexuals…

The image of transwomen in Shankar’s “I” has concrete legal consequences everyday

The image of the deceptive, cruel, transwoman in Shankar’s “I” is a legacy of our criminal justice system, traceable to the Criminal Tribes Act of 1871

Statement by Telangana Intersex Hijra Transgender Samiti on Sexual Assault of a Hijra Sister

We, the members of Telangana Intersex Hijra Transgender Samiti of Hyderabad, request your solidarity in our fight for justice in this transphobic world.  After forty brutal attacks with knives and rocks on almost sixty transgender women in Hyderabad in the last…