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South Asian, Married, and Queer? Seeking submissions

Orinam invites submissions in the form of essays, stories, interviews and poems by South Asian LGB cispeople in marriages to individuals of the other sex, by trans individuals in marriages they entered into (or were forced into) based on their gender assigned at birth, and by spouses of such queer/trans people.

Press Release: Queer person ends life due to harassment by authorities

On 28th… October, 2014, on order from the CI, Mr. Vinay Kumar, constables namely Mr. Jagadish and Mr. Srinivas, attached to Lalapet Police Station, Guntur, picked up our staff

Sex Change in the Time of Saffron Politics

Sex change is my farewell to 23 years of being, trying to be, pretending to be and for days to come, trying to give being a chance.

Orinam-Nirangal meet-up, and 5th anniversary of the Campaign for Open Minds

Saturday Oct 11, 2014 in Chennai: Orinam-Nirangal joint meeting on occasion of Coming Out Day, 5th Anniversary of Campaign for Open Minds, and discussion on forthcoming strategies and activities.