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Thanks Harish!

In my opinion, it is baseless to claim that caste preference pertains to urban lifestyle choices and practices. To believe that participation in the family’s rituals and practices should be restricted to members of their own caste, and justifying it by saying that outsiders may not understand it, is unfair and unjust. Ritual is not Quantum Mechanics, is it? Can one not learn it, and live by it?

To those who say caste is only about preference

To those who justify that caste is only a cultural preference and not discrimination.

Poem: i want to 377 you so bad

Listen to this podcast of Akhil reading his poem ‘i want to 377 you so bad’.

A Hesitant Hug: video against homophobia and transphobia from Mumbai

On the occasion of IDAHOT 2015, student initiative Techfest and Saathi at IIT Bombray launched ‘A Hesitant Hug’, a campaign to end homophobia and transphobia.