Reel Desires - Chennai International Queer Film Festival 2014 | 24th to 26th July 2014

Reel Desires - Chennai International Queer Film Festival 2014

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Just concluded: Historic meet of Transmasculine, Intersex and Intergender people, Mumbai 2014

Sampoorna convened the first-ever event of this kind in South Asia: the Sampoorna Transmasculine, Intersex and Intergender meet in Mumbai, May 30 – June1, 2014

I was raped

Trigger alert: Ajay Sathyan describes an incident of rape.

Film review: ‘The World Before Her’

Review of ‘The World Before Her’, a must-watch for those interested in documentary films and for all equality supporters, including  queer people and feminists.

Sampoorna Rejoinder to Jackuline Mary verdict

We are very happy that the judgment also strongly condemns forced sex testing and recognises the bodily integrity of persons with intersex variations. However, we are concerned about the conflation of the categories of ftm and intersex.