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Check out the events scheduled for Chennai Pride Month 2015

South Asian, Married, and Queer? we got something for you.

Submission for Reel Desires – Chennai International Queer Film Festival 2015 #CIQFF2015 is open

Know more about Queer Terminologies

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The slow death of the list-serves, losing our history to social media

The slow death of the list-serves! Loosing our queer history to social media and how to prevent some of its fallout?

Rethinking gender and language in the face of privilege

That people were making this very linear connection between my request for a gender-neutral certificate and trans* identity alarmed me. To lay claim to trans* identity, in today’s world, is to lay claim to certain narratives and lived experiences that are not mine.

Ambedkar helped me embrace the ‘emotional’ within the rational

I realized that I was trying so hard to fight the shame attached to me being gay that I somehow overlooked to fight the shame that is attached to my caste. I began to accept my caste within my engagement with my sexuality.

Africa Report on Diversity in Human Sexuality must be read by Indian law- and policy- makers

The ASSAF-UNAS May 2015 report is a must-read for policy- and law- makers dragging their feet on decriminalisation of homosexuality in India.