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377 Video Letters to the Supreme Court of India

The Supreme Court of India thinks that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are a “miniscule” minority, undeserving of fundamental rights. It says Section 377 in no way has anything to do with our lives. Its time that the Court hears directly from you. You need to tell the Supreme Court that you exist, and that you lead a life, as normal or abnormal as anyone else’s. You need to tell the Supreme Court why its judgment is so wrong, and that you disagree with it.
  • Consider writing a letter to the Supreme Court or recoding a video message. You can find out more on 377letters.orinam.net
  • Record a video and post it on Youtube. Please include “377 Letters” in the title so it is easily searchable
  • Leave your video link as a comment and we will publish it on Orinam
Here is a video message to the Chief Justice of India from Ramki Kazhiyur-Mannar. Ramki is a software engineer from Chennai, currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area. His twitter handle is @kmramki


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