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The Right to Privacy: The Promise for full Recognition of Transgender Rights


RtP_trans2When petitions against Aadhaar were filed in the Supreme Court 5 years ago, little did any one think that these cases would have such a huge impact on the rights of sexual minorities in India. The judgment has completely altered …

Transgender individuals challenge Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code

July 22, 2016:  A petition representing transgender individuals from Karnataka challenging Section 377  came up before Justice Sikri and Justice Agarwal today.

The Writ Petition by Dr. Akkai Padmashali and others, is similar to the Writ Petittion (Criminal) No. 76 …

A Letter from Queer India, Supporters and Allies

Dear Reader

A court does not confer Fundamental Rights; it confirms their existence. The right to dignity, liberty and equality is ours, as per the Constitution of India. But a law that is currently in our statute books prevents its …

Naz Foundation files Curative Petition challenging the Supreme Court

377_bare_231st March, 2014: The Naz Foundation (India) Trust, the original petitioner in the constitutional challenge to Section 377, has filed a curative petition challenging the Supreme Court decision in Suresh Kumar Koushal v. Naz Foundation (hereinafter ‘Koushal’) delivered in December, …

Fact sheet on review and curative petitions

Thanks to STUDENT INITIATIVE FOR PROMOTION OF LEGAL AWARENESS (SIPLA), NLSIU Bangalore, for putting together this fact-sheet on Review and Curative Petitions, and answering frequently asked questions on the rights of the LGBT communities vis-a-vis Section 377.

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377 Video Letters to the Supreme Court of India

The Supreme Court of India thinks that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are a “miniscule” minority, undeserving of fundamental rights. It says Section 377 in no way has anything to do with our lives. Its time that the Court

377 Supreme Court Review Petition Process Explained


377 Supreme Court Review Petition Process explained by Mayur Suresh, with a nifty flow chart and all…

1) The case status page on the Supreme Court website indicates that the next date of listing for all the review petitions is …

One Month Since: 377 protests on January 11, 2014


FB link to People’s March against 377

Thousands of sexual minorities and supporters will march on the roads of Bangalore on 11TH JANUARY 2014 (Saturday) to protest against Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code. 3000+ people expected to …

Voices against 377 files review petition

Dear All,

An update on the Supreme Court case proceedings from Voices against 377. We have filed our review today in addition to those filed by other parties such as Naz and the Union of India. These will all mostly …

377 GDoR Images From Across The Globe

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GDoR protests against from criminalization of homosexuality in India: Images from cities worldwide