SC 2018 Hearings

The hearings in front of the Supreme Court, including all the Article 32 petitions, the impleadments, written submissions, and the media coverage are archived in this page.


While the curative petitions following the Supreme Court’s Koushal judgement in 2013 have been pending, six new petitions were filed since then, under Article 32, which wee subsequently tagged together by the SC. A 5-member constitutional bench was formed to hear these petitions, which started on 10 July 2018 (see the notice of hearing and the cause list), and have been proceeding at breakneck speed since then. In addition, the original respondents in the curatives filed fresh petitions (Mental health professionals, Academics, Parents of LGBT children, and Voices against 377), which will be given time in the court as well. Additional petition by activists, and a recently filed one by Harish Iyer will be heard from 17 July onwards. Some of the parties opposing us in 2013 (JACK, Utkal Christian Council etc) are also being heard. Muslim Personal Law Board has announced its decision not to argue in favour of retaining S377 in light of the Right to Privacy judgement.

Last order, issued on 12 July 2018.


Article 32 Petitions


Written Submissions


Coverage by laywers and legal websites


Live updates from Supreme Court

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Coverage in the print media
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Timeline of daily hearings

  • Day 1: 10 July 2018
    • Tushar Mehta for Govt of India
    • Mukul Rohatgi for Navtej Johar and Ors.
    • Arvind Datar for Keshav Suri
    • Saurabh Kirpal for Navtej Johar and Ors.
  • Day 2: 11 July 2018
    • Tushar Mehta for Govt of India
    • Saurabh Kripal for Keshav Suri
    • Menaka Guruswamy for Anwesh Pokkuluan and Ors.
    • Anand Grover for Arif Jafar
    • Anand Grover for Ashow Row Kavi and Ors.
    • Jayna Kothari for Akkai Padmashali and Ors
    • Shyam Divan for Voices against 377
  • Day 3: 12 July 2018
    • Shyam Divan for Voices against 377
    • Chander Uday Singh for Alok Sarin and Ors. (Mental Health Professionals)
    • Ashok Desai for Minna Saran and Ors. (Parents)
    • Krishna Venugopal for Nivedita Menon and Ors. (Teachers)
    • Tushar Mehta for Govt of India
    • Intervention Application for Naz Foundation
    • Manoj George for Utkal Christian Council & Apostolic Alliance of Churches