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Not legal doesn’t mean illegal: The situation for queer individuals in India

Ritesh Rajani and Sourav Mandal discuss the legal aspects of leading queer lives in India.


Irresponsible Police Action and Media Reportage on LGBTQIA+ issues : Bengaluru

Unethical, irresponsible and misleading coverage by Bangalore Mirror and Public TV further jeopardize the situation of two women in the city.

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Breaking the Binary: a LABIA research study

Full text of ‘Breaking the Binary’, research study by LABIA, is now available on Orinam.


No Pride: T. Nhaveen and the brutality of gender

[Trigger warning for violence] The tragic passing of T. Nhaveen in Penang, Malaysia, on June 15, 2017, is a grim reminder of how gender non-conformity kills.