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Minutes of second pride planning meeting for 2018: Chennai, Saturday, March 11, 2018

Venue: Sahodaran Unit 1
Date: Saturday 11 March 2018
Time: 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Participant list:Name and Organizational Affiliation

Delfina: Nirangal, Orinam
Valan : Volunteer
Sivakumar : SIAAP
Janet Begum : Sudaroli/Vadamalar
Roselyn : Sudaroli/Vadamalar
Anish : Kattiyakkari
Srijith : Kattiyakkari
Sudha : Thozhi
Alex : Orinam
Vidhya : Orinam
Deepthi : CQC (Prev RIOV)/Orinam
Janani : CQC (Prev RIOV)/Orinam
Sebastian : Periferry
Brindaa : CQC/Orinam
Jaya : Sahodaran
Shivapriya TG : Orinam, Nirangal
Martin J : Nirangal, TN-LGBTIQ Movement
B. Graham


We need to include everyone in the Pride planning, events, and march itself. Specifically, we agreed we need to take special efforts to include women: gender and sexual minority women from all backgrounds, women in sex work and women from other marginalized backgrounds.

Disability inclusion: Brandon suggested we learn from other movements worldwide, like for example, Thailand Pride marches. Srijith mentioned that sign language was used very well in Bengaluru. SIAAP Siva suggested we should involve people with disabilities right from the planning. We decided that we will try to reach out to Ayshwarya who is working on disability. We also would like to reach out to Madhumitha from Bengaluru and organize a meeting for disability inclusion in Chennai, Bengaluru, or by video conference. Jaya suggested we do Garagattam during the Pride march.

We need videos or promotional material for 10th Pride celebrations. Srijith suggested this should also include outsider perspectives about the Pride. Malini said they can coordinate preparing promotional video. The expenses are estimated at Rs. 5000. However, the cost can be reduced if camera and other equipments are arranged. Sebastin from Periferry offered to help with camera. Deepthi and Jananai offered to help with translation work and with finances.

We should involve people from all districts in the Chennai Pride. We could also help organize Pride in other cities.

Malini and Brindaa suggested we should do media sensitization event. We could also do workshops for community on how to present to media. Delfina offered to help individually and as Nirangal, but also emphasized the need for continued work. Srijith suggested that we should make family members and supports speak in the press meet.

Radiant Sports and Periferry proposed a sports program for transgender people. They spoke about the success story of taking sports to marginalized community in Kerala and asked for community opinions about how to take it forward here in Chennai. Srijith said that it would be best to do it as an LGBT inclusion program. He also suggested that Shanti Soundarajan can be made the face of this program if possible.

As announced at the last meet, Pride March will happen on Sunday June 24, 2018. Vannagal will be on Saturday June 23, 2018.

SIAAP Siva will try to reach out to women’s networks to help facilitate their participation in Pride.

Periferry and others who can will help Malini with producing Pride promotional video.

We will all try to involve people from other cities and towns in the Pride effort.

Malini, Nirangal, and others interested will try to coordinate workshops for media persons.

Radiant Sports and Periferry proposed a sports program for transgender people. We will disccuss how to proceed with this in a future meeting.

Proposed Agenda for next meet (a more specific agenda wilt specific priorities will be shared by Orinam, coordinators of the next meeting):
1. Action against those violated protocols.
2. Plan for media sensitization.
3. Promo video.
4. Ideas for innovative press meet.
5. Disability inclusion
6. Including people from the other districts.
7. Consider making Vannagal one-day event.
8. Discussion about use of sports in Pride events.
Next Pride Planning meeting will be on Saturday 7 April 2018 3-5 pm at Sahodaran.

Address: Sahodaran office No. 27. New no.75, 3rd St Extn, Railway colony, Aminjikarai, Chennai 600029. Map: http://tinyurl.com/sahodaran-chennai-map
For more information, email orinamwebber@gmail.com or text 98843-73433/ 98415-57983.