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Anil’s Coming Out Story

Anil talks about his attraction to men in this story.

Just thought I would share mine too. I came out to my brother thru IM. Well, all people I came out to until now, only thru IM. A few reasons for this 1) We don’t live close. 2) Personally I felt it was easier.

So here’s the transcript with my bro. He’s 24, a year older than me 🙂

Keep them coming …


Myself: hey i need to tell u something and i can’t find the right time
Bro: whts tht man?
Bro: u lost ur virginity
Myself: it’s something personal ra tell me when nobody’s around
Bro: ok…nobody is around me now
Bro: u wanna call me?
Myself: no
Bro: thn….tell whts tht man
Bro: tension is bulidin up here
Myself: hehehe it’s nothing about u i dunno if i’ve the guts to say it
Bro: ok tell plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Myself: hehehe once i told it u wish u never heard
Bro: whts the matter ra
Bro: i really didnt gettin any guess toooo
Myself: hmm u sure u wanna hear it?
Bro: wht u think….can i ?
Myself: what do u mean?
Bro: i mean u want me to knw tht ?
Bro: if u didnt wish i wont ask u again surely
Myself: i want u to know that if not now at some point sure
Bro: ok thn tell me now no probs
Myself: okay alright i got the guts
Myself: i’m gay
Bro: hey whts this man
Myself: hmm see i told u
Bro: did i saw correctly?
Myself: yeah u saw it right
Bro: u knw onethin….i didnt knw wht exactly gay mean
Bro: i mean tht exact meaning of gay
Myself: hehehe yeah i thought about that too
Myself: well then it’s good isn’t it that u dunno what it means?
Bro: no i wanna knw tht
Bro: tell me plzz ra
Myself: what? u r making me laugh
Bro: nope
Bro: i really wanna knw wht u meant by u r a gay
Bro: whts tht really ra?
Myself: hmm dunno what to say to u it means i’m attracted to guys than
Bro: yeah tht i knw
Myself: hmm thats good
Myself: whatelse u wanna know?
Bro: nothing more specific thn tht?
Bro: all i knw is gays want to have sex with guys…
Myself: well i don’t think so
Myself: hehehe
Bro: u too going towards tht
Myself: hehehe not yet don’t worry i didn’t have sex
Bro: why this man
Bro: whts wrong with gals there
Myself: okay u r taking this too harshly i think
Myself: give it some time what do u say?
Bro: yeah nothing wrong in wht u say really
Bro: i m OK now
Myself: hehehe i told u u wish u never heard it once u knew
Bro: but is there any chance u go n have sex with guys at a later time?
Myself: i dunno that yet but i’m not looking to marry a girl that i’m sure
Bro: not in near future also?
Myself: so mom and dad only has to marry u
Bro: re papam ra…vallu tattuko leru..really [I dunno how they can
take it ra]
Bro: u too give some time n think abt this ra
Myself: yeah i know but i don’t have a choice
Bro: ok leave it
Myself: rey i thought about it for years ra i’m telling u now since i
made up my mind
Bro: whn u came to knw abt this?
Myself: ok i’m not sure but i got this doubt always
Bro: some advice
Myself: u wanna give?
Bro: yeah just try once if u can
Myself: u mean sex with a girl?
Bro: y dont u go n have sex with a girl
Bro: yeah u got tht already
Myself: hehehe i’m fast
Myself: i can’t promise u but i’ll think bout it anyway u better get
used to this fact
Bro: yeah i can
Bro: but wht can we tell thm ra
Myself: thx ra that means so much to me
Bro: really i think it will be too rude if u say something like this
to thm ra
Myself: well we’ll see i dunno ra i haven’t decided anything yet
Bro: yeah ….but u knw onething
Myself: we’ll talk about it in future and see how it goes
Myself: yeah what?
Bro: once u decided to go someway nobody in our family cant change u
until its u urslef have to change
Bro: thts wht worrying me
Myself: yeah i know that and thats why u want to accept it
Bro: so u better take time n think n do something practical like i
adviced u ra
Myself: okay i’ll think bout it ra
Bro: matter is i will accept whtevr u tell also whole family
Bro: nobody have the guts to be say to change u
Bro: but i think there will be a lot of loss for our family if u did
something shocking like this to our family
Bro: i m just worrying abt thm….so think abt it by taking time ra
Myself: okay sure ra i’ll think bout it but don’t worry i’m not
planning on telling mom or dad anytime soon
Bro: yeah thts better
Myself: i’ll do anything only when we both agree
Bro: thanks ra
Bro: ok i m leaving
Myself: okay sure an eventful day huh
Bro: yeah….really it would be better i never heard wht u said
Bro: but i will erase all this rightaway
Myself: hehehe we wish a lot of things never happened
Myself: no don’t erase it i want u to get used to it
Myself: okay we’ll talk later
Myself: what do ya say?
Bro: yeah sure
Myself: ok catch ya later then call u at home
Bro: i used to tht frm this moment only bcos its U ra

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