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Aniruddhan Vasudevan is a performer, writer and activist from Chennai, India. He is passionate and vocal about issues around gender, sexuality, social justice, and human rights. Aniruddhan is a founder of The Shakti Resource Center, a non-profit set-up working to further the discourse on these issues.   Writings in English - தமிழ் படைப்புகள்

Queering (my) Bharatanatyam

After the concert when I went to do my pranaams to Ma, her foster son remarked to her in Bangla, Ma! Look at this child! What bhakti! She looked into my eyes while she answered him, No! It is more than Bhakti. I was glad someone understood it and my eyes went watery.

From Academia to America

Despite the existence of desi queer collectives and communities here in DC, the responses and reactions of many Americans (both white and black people) to the visible presence of a queer person coming from India (me, in this case) have been a wee bit strange for me.