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The Ex-files

Equations change when that special someone gets downgraded to Ex. Families on both sides are instantly forgotten and abandoned; friends are torn apart and left hanging clueless; anniversaries and birthdays are like Friday the 13th; and gifts and pictures are packed in cartoon boxes, labeled with a skull and crossbones and put in the attic. Chandra D and his Ex-files.

An LGBT archive in India

The LGBT 'movement' in india is about 15+ years old, has spread beyond the handful of metro cities, is staggering in its diversity of peoples who are accommodated within, and, the frequency of LGBT related events and happening around the country is increasing exponentially. Also, certain LGBT experiences which were ubiquitous a couple of decades ago, have all but disappeared. Hence it might be time to start thinking about an LGBT archive in India.

A critique of Pride

Gay community’s unfortunate and reckless use of words like “pride”, “choice” and “lifestyle” when talking about themselves reinforces Indian society's belief that we have chosen this “filthy western lifestyle” and we are even proud of it, says reader Neel. What do you think?