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To those who say caste is only about preference

To those who justify that caste is only a cultural preference and not discrimination.

Who justify that this is only about someone who also prefers sambar without garlic, and is not deep-rooted bigotry.

Justify that your preference for caste has not resulted in the murder of so many men and women by their own families, just because they chose to marry out of their family caste.

Justify that the same preference for caste has never had any Dalit woman paraded naked, sexually assaulted and killed.

Justify that your preference for caste has not kept so many people for so many centuries without access to jobs, welfare, economic benefits, sanitation, and other basic needs.

Justify that this preference for caste is not the reason behind the death of a young man today just because he had a ringer tune that the upper caste were not able to digest.

Justify that your preference for caste has not made many children die of malnutrition.

Justify all these!

It is easy for someone from privileged communities to pass discriminatory comments in the name of preference and also place the complete burden on the oppressed community to prove and justify that this is not discrimination.

We have justified on many forums enough times.

We won’t anymore.

You justify all the questions we have for you and then ask us for justification.

Preference for a certain caste is definitely discriminatory and

We will continue to call out this discrimination!

And we don’t need any justification to call out this form of discrimination that has been oppressing people for so many centuries now.

This post first appeared on one of the Orinam online forums as part of a discussion on caste as preference.

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