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Thanks Harish!

In my opinion, it is baseless to claim that caste preference pertains to urban lifestyle choices and practices. To believe that participation in the family’s rituals and practices should be restricted to members of their own caste, and justifying it by saying that outsiders may not understand it, is unfair and unjust. Ritual is not Quantum Mechanics, is it? Can one not learn it, and live by it?

Violating #NetNeutrality is violating queer rights

For the last two years, my phone has led dual lives. Two of my strongest identities - one male and one female - have been enabled on my phone. From Whatsapp to Gmail, from Tumblr to facebook, tinder and OkCupid, and a lot more apps and services have allowed me to carry on living my female life inside an office where gender roles are rather strictly enforced, more out of tradition and fear than by policy, but nonetheless.