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My Valentine

I have been trying to have relationships for many years now. I mean romantic relationships, each of which I have entered always with the great conviction that it will last for the rest of my life. After many trials and errors,…

Dykotomy: growing up lesbian in India

Image (c) Samira Obeid

I lived in Chennai, India, for 23 years. I’ve never been in the closet. Well, not really. I’ve always been butch — short hair, boys’ clothes, a gentleman’s manner, and of course, a way with the ladies. But in India, not being in the closet doesn't necessarily mean being out of it.

Ancy and Andy

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I read my sister's diary entries about her feelings of confusion, desire and guilt mixed with her overbearing desire to be faithful to God. Her death has taught me the importance of being honest to myself.

Acceptance and Denial

One year after coming out to her parents as trans, Brenda still finds them in denial and hoping she will return to being their son.

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