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Video: I am Trans

Playwright and performer Deen shares his story in this truly amazing video. Deen is a transman of South Indian origin.

Gay and Guilty?

At a time when the Supreme Court is deciding whether homosexuality is a crime, hate mongers are accusing the gay community of so many things. But are the gays guilty?

The Ex-files

Equations change when that special someone gets downgraded to Ex. Families on both sides are instantly forgotten and abandoned; friends are torn apart and left hanging clueless; anniversaries and birthdays are like Friday the 13th; and gifts and pictures are packed in cartoon boxes, labeled with a skull and crossbones and put in the attic. Chandra D and his Ex-files.

Why I Do What I Do

Pramada Menon writes about her 20-year journey into queer activism and breaking the silence around gender and sexuality. The article has been reproduced with permission from TARSHI's magazine In Plainspeak.