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Financial support for queer people impacted by corona virus-induced lockdown

If you are a member of the community in Tamil Nadu and  in need of assistance, click on https://tinyurl.com/orinam-covid-support-2020

For people wanting to contribute: The current COVID19-induced lockdown has impacted many working class queer and trans people, especially those in the informal labour sector and others whose employment and/or income has been halted as part of the pandemic control measures.

We understand that there are many fundraising efforts currently active for transgender people: see a partial list appended to this post. We do not wish to duplicate these existing efforts. Hence, we at Orinam seek to fundraise for cis lesbian, gay and bi people impacted by the pandemic, with a focus on Tamil Nadu.

If you would like to contribute to Orinam’s fundraiser, please write to us at orinam.net@gmail.com or inbox us on Facebook (http://facebook.com/orinam.net). 

If you’d like to contribute to the transgender-specific fundraisers, please see the list below (thanks Niruj for the compilation):

Funds collected that are indicated are as of 27 March 5.30 pm as is on their webpages. In increasing order of total amount,

Hyderabad (INR 21000 out of 1 lakh)

Thoothukudi Tamil Nadu (INR 47k out of 7.5 lakhs)

Chennai (INR 3.78 lakhs out of 10.5 lakhs)

West Bengal (INR 60,900 of 15 lakhs) https://www.ourdemocracy.in/Campaign/WestBengalTransCommunity?fbclid=IwAR0MSJnXZoubwDKeXsnCyiVwip5jLjqPM9QHpyjwNyJFVrJ_Zcd5Qzp-GYQ

Bengaluru (INR 5.35 lakhs out of 20 lakhs)

Hyderabad (INR 1 lakh out of 21.4 lakhs)

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