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Ondede report on human rights violations against transgender people in Karnataka

Prerana Kudur from Ondede and Gowthaman Ranganathan from Alternative Law Forum have compiled powerful testimonies of transgender people in Karnataka. This report comes more than a decade after PUCL-Karnataka’s pioneering documentation (2001 and 2003).

The report shows that the transgender community continues to face harassment, abuse and violence, despite advances in transgender rights as articulated in the Supreme Court NALSA judgement (2014), anticipated in Rajya Sabha MP Tiruchi Siva’s Transgender Rights Bill, and heralded in individual successes such as those of Manabi Bandopadhyay, Madhu Bai Kinnar and C. Anu.

Ondede (“convergence” in Kannada) is a collective that recognizes and endeavours to link existing movements such as child rights, women’s’ rights, sexual minority rights and other vulnerable sections through dialogue, research and action on Dignity-Voice-Sexuality.

Orinam thanks Ondede for sharing this report.

Click here to download the report.

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