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IAS officer’s homophobia is old-hat

The social networks are abuzz with the news of a certain Tamil Nadu cadre IAS officer, Mr. C. Umashankar, at a Christian rally promoting homophobia, with a Tamil translation of the obligatory Leviticus quote dissing man-on-man action. The call for homosexuals to be put to death is from this quote.

This photo is from a year ago, at one of the January 2014 events in Tamil Nadu following the Koushal ruling.

Coverage of their Jan 5, 2014, rally on Marina beach is here.

Coverage of the response from progressive Christians and the formation of the Christians Against Homophobia collective is here, and the full text of their press release, also from Jan 5, 2014, here.

The purpose of this note is not to downplay the officer’s homophobia.



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  1. I am gay and I am a Christian. I have been watching these homophobic preachers since I knew my sexuality. Interestingly what I observed was all these so called Pastors and preachers are money minded individuals who use people’s fear to make money. It makes easy for government officials, ex-celebrities, relationship with politians, stands on current soicial matters and so, to establish themselves quicker and start making money. If look back, in the 80s and 90s all so called ministries named use to name themselves directly or indirectly related to the word Blessing. It was the time of urbanisation and globalisation, where people were dealing with relatively high debts. Now these fellows have taken second coming of Jesus and homophobia in hand to fetch negative publicity. As you keenly observe their tracks and notices it texpresses the fear of parents, the reality is no one can convert a gay to straight or vice versa. These fellows use parents fear and make them as a source of revenue. Moreover Bible comes from a Jewish culture, the was no stenographed when God dictated. It was all stores which was handedover from one generation to another generation, like every other religious book. The present Indian bible is an edited version and it has excluded many books. So how can it be the exact word of God? Moreovet you can’t find answers for everything in it can you kindly show me the solutions for present day family problems and cyber crime. Levictus it clearly mentions eating pork is abomination and why the hell most Christians eat pork? If you dig back to the Jewish history they were just survivors of war at that time so they lost some of the population inorder to raise the population they passed a rule of not having same sex encounters just to produce more babies and there is no evidence of gays living in Sodom and gomora, it was an old culture to insult a man by gangraping him by having anal sex which leads to serious injury and death. That’s what levictus talks about, there ate many evidences of enuchs and gay personalities throughout the bible but it is edited and mistranslated

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