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Imaginary Hourglasses

We remember when a single man’s bigotry
Stoked the flames of a coalition forged in hatred;
The bitter pull of gravity and seedless grapes
Casting our carnal desires into the law’s ruthless furnace–


Or so they believed.

We exchange our love bravely and sometimes, quietly
Under the light of the stars and by the shadows of day
Love watches us, giggling at our indulgent mischief
Stripped of legal protection and indefensibly thirsty


For an erstwhile brief interlude.

Why do we promise to never leave each other?
Two atoms in a stormy cosmos of cross-stitched familiarities
Until the floodgates are breached, washing away past, present
And future: Will we stay or will we flee?


Not to be mistaken
                            an emancipation












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