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Indian Transgender Rights Activists talk about Love and Relationships

Transgender rights activists from different parts of India speak candidly about their life, love and relationships.

Produced and directed by Chennai based activist Kalki Subramaniam, as part of Project Kalki initiative.


Gauri Sawant (English)

Laila (Telugu)

Amitava Sarkar (English)

Revathy (Tamil)

Priya Babu (Tamil)


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  1. This is so beautiful. I am short of words.
    I cannot explain how much I appreciate and awe struck by the boldness, these women have shown in talking about it. Dating amongst trans circles still seems to be a very less discussed issue and its even worse when it comes into the Q circles. Articles like this will shed light on a lot of things. Thanks so much for bringing this.

    Do you have more videos coming up? This is awesome guys!!!

  2. Kudos to all my strong, lovely, wise sisters who have shared their experiences and opinions on the matter of love and relationships. This is an unprecedented collection of voices. Thank you Kalki ma’m for bringing us these beautiful videos. I hope in future you will also bring us voices of those trans MTF women who love women, and those who are in trans-trans relationships; facing experiences and challenges very different from those who love men.

  3. Thanks Kalki! Amazing collection of videos! Thanks everyone for sharing their experiences so candidly and elegantly. I am sure this will be very empowering for the Queer community.

  4. Thank you so much for the videos! This is the first time I have really heard our trans-sisters speak about love and relationships. Moving, saddening and inspiring all at the same time. Wish to hear from female to male colleagues as well!

  5. It is so wonderful to see this blog. If only this can be further spread in the public, these horrible stereotypes against queers diminish.

    Ms. Kalki, if you can bring out more voices from the queer community and make them public, I feel it may have a strong impact. Setting up dating sites and bringing strong laws against discrimination could definitely be achieved. I wish I could work with you in these efforts.

    Please keep up what you are doing.
    You have my support.

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