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It Gets Better – Sarav Chidambaram

Sarav Chidambaram was born in Coimbatore, India, and now lives in Massachusetts, United States. Sarav is a software professional, a renowned dancer, a passionate film maker and a dedicated LGBT rights activist. He performs Bharatanatyam and Odissi, classical Indian dance forms.

In this video, Sarav talks about his journey from a confused child to a successful gay adult. As a young boy, Sarav could not understand why he was different from other kids. He struggled to come to terms with his sexuality and had no help or resources to seek out. Confused and lost, Sarav attempted suicide,  which became a turning point in his life. He survived and the incident made him realize his life was worth living. He then embarked on a journey of self acceptance.

Today, Sarav is out and proud. He leads a happy and successful life. Sarav is one of the most prominent South Asian voices in the United States, and is well respected among the US LGBT community. He has served on the boards of several local community organizations and has been honored with many awards and accolades. Currently Sarav serves as the Co-Chairman of Cambridge City’s GLBT commission.

Orinam.net is honored to present you Sarav Chidambaram’s “It Gets Better” video. The video is in Tamil, Sarav’s mother tongue.

We will soon be releasing the English version of this video. Be the first to know! Subscribe to our RSS feed or follow us on Twitter or Facebook. We would like to thank KM Ramki for his support on this initiative.

This post is also available in: தமிழ் (Tamil)


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  1. great video clip 🙂 we should be the king of our life to decide things, dont let others to invade your life and make decisions for your life 🙂

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