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Seeking LGB participants for psychology study in Chennai and Bangalore

Anirudh, a community member, is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in clinical psychology from Christ University (deemed), Bangalore.

His research paper, as part of the course, looks into personality traits of cis LGB individuals. The research study has received ethics approval, as per APA norms, from the Institutional Review Board.

The study seeks to affirm community experiences, and does not pathologise homosexuality or bisexuality in any manner.

Anirudh seeks participants (18 and above) located in Chennai and Bangalore, who are willing to participate in this study.  Participation involves answering a questionnaire that would take about 20-30 minutes of the respondent’s time.  The questionnaire can be administered in English, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam or Hindi.

Please contact Anirudh at anirudhrajan18796@gmail.com or +91 72598 15442 if you are willing to take part in this study, or have any queries about it.

The English version of the interview can also be taken online by clicking this link.

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