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Lotus Zine Vol 1 : Anthology of South Asian LGBT+ art and literature

Sometime late in 2019, Orinam was contacted by a group of enthusiastic individuals who were putting together the first volume of their Zine on South Asian LGBT+ community through art and literature. I was happy yet nonchalant when I agreed to receive by mail a copy of their zine. was I in for a surprise, you ask ? That doesn’t begin to cover it, the hand written note below, was just a primer for what was in store throughout the zine.

The zine was full of sensitive and careful representation of the community both in art and literature. I would let you explore it for yourself from here and enjoy it. For we are only too aware, what a difference some representation in mainstream would have made growing up for most of us.

Congratulation to the Lotus Zine team for bringing out this much needed volume and very good luck for your future volumes. Also many thanks to all the artists who provided their consent for us to host their work.


All art work are copyright of the Zine and the individual artists. Orinam is hosting the content with appropriate permissions.

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