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poem: intimate feelings


my mind loses itself
in the streaks of hair
on your chest

the taste of your lips
surpasses the flavour
of wild honey
water trickling from a spring

the taste of your saliva
makes the akshaya paatram
the proverbial pot of limitless bounty
appear limited

the twin black rainbows
of your pupils
enchant with countless magic tricks
all within a fraction of a second

like a beetle intoxicated by nectar
so too
i am intoxicated by your sweat.

your embrace
dispels all semblance
of self-control and austerity in me

the touch of your fingers
sends me into paroxyms of pleasure

the intimate conversations of your gaze
send the butterflies in my imagination
into throes of ecstasy

my hands, mouth and body
long to play with your delectable navel

the musical notes of your feet
cause lust to erupt within me

lips locked in kisses
bodies writhing in embrace,
tight hugs
making hearts beat loudly

asleep in the day,
waking up at nights
forgetting dates, times and tasks
unable to speak, sing, feel,
forgetting to breathe

lying on the bed,
i tend a sacrificial fire
and invent a new hymn:

Photo credits: Arun Geetha Viswanathan (8.5pixels)
Translation: L Ramakrishnan
For Tamil version, click here.


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  1. nice language, Akilan. however it reminds my love with my girlfriend while reading your poem. nice lines… good translation. applauds to Mr. Ramakrishnan.

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