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[poem] The witch on the broomstick

Nightmares and daydreams, Tampons and lipsticks
Oh, honey! You have a sad face.
Drink your tears for future happiness! Put kohl in those big eyes.
Smile and celebrate; for the coming new chapters.
Separate yet together, this is now our reality!
Our love is illegal here; so what if we have found this way,
The Ganges and The Yamuna, they both are goddesses.
Separate they flow, yet unite at places.
They celebrate their union, but we are mere humans.
I am a witch from their nightmare; you are my fantasy angel.
Now, understand what I think, imagine no more,
Let’s be discreet…our dissent might end it all!
And I have no idea where this is heading.
I know we will be stuck in that life, like two dead bodies in a river.
Moving downstream, then caught in the current,
sometimes, I’ll carry you. Sometimes You’ll hold me.
From now on, this is how it’s going to be.
So, don’t you cry, girl, don’t be in despair.
This is one life, and I am your witch on the broomstick.
Starry nights are so beautiful…

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