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Poem: We Adapt

coffee table
tv stand
suitcases with
airline tags
still on
cardboard boxes
from many moves
rajasthani bedspread
covers them all
to make a
three tier shelf
our golu padi

we display
your guitar
my brass lamps
souvenirs from travels
barbie now stone butch
star shaped candle holders
christmas gifts from your mom

it doesn’t matter
if i can’t
offer you
betel leaves
blouse pieces from raasi
little mirrors
in plastic frames
malli flowers
strung dense
and fragrant

we will still
this navaratri

draw kolam
with corn flour
light oil lamps
redden our foreheads
with sindoor
exchange bangles
and pray to
our goddesses
that we may


(c) 1999 desinorse/jaya from the khush list. Reproduced with permission


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