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Protest transphobia from Railway Protection Force (Gujarat)

Ref: Times of India article:

RPF rounds up 25 eunuchs for harassing train passengers

(URL: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/ahmedabad/


It seems that Indian Railway Protection Force is brimming with transphobia and is yet to understand the plight of underprivileged transgender people of this country. To them, we are a mess, and I am surprised Times of India Ahmedabad seems to have the same idea [not to mention addressing us incorrectly as eunuchs]. It hurts me deeply to read the TOI article linked above.

I know how some of the transpeople who go for begging behave in public. Not all. When will people stop generalizing about us? Will rounding up, arresting us, sending us to jail or beggars' colony and 'cleaning the mess' help? NEVER. It seems RPF needs to learn some lessons. We are still one of the most marginalized and abandoned people in our country. The state and the central governments and its policy makers are yet to frame successful measures to address our problems of poverty, housing, jobs, migration, etc.

I condemn this action of RPF and urge all LGBT activists to condemn this. For transgender people, this issue is of serious concern and needs a string of actions from our side.

We the undersigned ask you to sign our petition.

Kalki Subramaniam


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Kousalya Jeganathan,

Natasha Upadhyay,

Davneet Narang,


Vikram Sankar,


siddharth narrain,


Aniruddha Dutta,




Deepan Kannan,



Guru Charan,

Sundar Jeyaraman, Coimbatore,

Ashwin Shakthi,

L Ramakrishnan, Madurai,

Shridhar Sadasivan, Madurai,


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  1. Now the time has come for coming all the Transgender people together and make plan and accroding to go ahead Nationally. This is a suggestion that if there should be a get to gether or some kind of meeting to be held only for the Transgenders and from there a committee should be formed and then we should raise our voice from there together.

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