Tribute by Chennai Rainbow Coalition

May 2008 will be remembered as sad yet memorable month in the history of LGBT movement in Tamilnadu. Two women Christy and Rukmani committed suicide (burnt themselves!) because their families did not let them live their lives and accommodate their love for each other. This incident led to a solidarity meeting and subsequent press releases by various LGBT organizations in Chennai under the umbrella of Shakti Center. This was attended by various members of LGBT organizations, human rights groups and members of the press. The need to establish a support line and a support system for queer women in Chennai was also stressed upon. In memory of these lives lost we invited members of the community to respond with their emotions and reactions to this tragic event.

We also intend to make this the Suicide Awareness Month.
– Chennai Rainbow Coalition

Live for the moment, in the now.

The mortality of love, just like the mortality of life is an inevitable event of circumstance. It blooms and fades in what seems like a day, and the time we have is never enough. At the end what matters most is what the heart remembers. At the close, I imagine friends coming together like family; a distinct and vital support system in the wake of a loved one having moved on.

When finally, we succumb to the hurt, are ready to begin healing, and regain the strength that pushed us to live; we realize that it all is something we can’t fight. We make peace with the course of events and celebrate loved loved and life lived.

Nothing is as simple as it seems. Behind every bold facade is a vulnerable human being. Her vulnerability only exposing what is common to us all, even those who vigorously deny it. Love isn’t simple, it is difficult. It isn’t blind, it sees all and is accepting in spite of flaws. It is strong.

Through the obstructive mist, we finally see and this is what we learn… to love unconditionally.

(Dedicated to lives and loves lost – 2008)
Apphia K

Tribute by L. Ramakrishnan

tanktops at pride
fundraiser dinner pendants
subaru bumper stickers
massachusetts weddings
buttons worn to
poetry readings
i look at these
interlocking symbols
now and only see
two bodies interlocked
in embrace
charred by despair
knowing no other way
for togetherness
to endure

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