Sociological surveys estimate that anywhere from 5-10% of a population are likely to be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT). With more than over 1.3 billion people in India, the estimated number of LGBT people is staggering. Importantly, several of them could already be working in your organization, or considering employment at your workplace. And you just don’t know.

Several national, multinational and global organizations valuing diversity are trying to attract and retain talent from this demography. Are you ready to tap into this diversity? Here are the resources you need.

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  • workplaceguide_cover2016 Employers’ Guide to Making Indian Workplaces LGBTIQ+ inclusive launched (7/5/2016) - A concise guide, launched in July, 2016, assists Indian employers in developing LGBTIQ+ inclusive workplaces.
  • The missing ‘T’ in the Employee Resource Groups (10/27/2015) - The socio-legal and politico-economic conditions of transgender people in India are at a very strange juncture. India has recriminalized homosexuality through the Kaushal judgement on the one side and upheld the right to choose one's gender identity vide NALSA vs. Union of India on the other.
  • Coming Out as Transgender and Dyslexic in Corporate India (4/14/2015) - Indira writes of her experiences coming out as a transwoman and dyslexic in a multi-national company in India.
  • sm Stand up or sit down? On Amnesty India’s gender-neutral restrooms (4/14/2015) - Shambhavi writes on the necessity for  public and private spaces to have individual gender-neutral restrooms.
  • Inclusion without Explosion (7/25/2013) - What we need in the workplace is an atmosphere of continuous and intrinsic inclusiveness that is not contingent on people being out. Such an atmosphere is not created merely by companies jumping on the gay-friendly bandwagon because of commands from headquarters or new policy imposed on a local office by the powers that be. Knowledge, sensitivity and genuine intent to address LGBTQ issues are the needs of the hour.
  • globalcompainies Best Businesses to Work in 2012 (5/7/2012) - Do you know that several MNC/Global companies look to attract, retain and promote diversity which includes LGBT diversity?

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