This LGBT Safe space training kit is a collaborative effort by and Cummins LGBT affinity group. We hope this kit will help Indian employers and businesses in sensitizing their workforce on LGBT issues and in creating safe spaces where all employees can bring their whole selves to work. is thankful to the LGBT affinity group of Cummins for their generous support and leadership in this project. To know more about Cummins, visit their website.

If you are a business located in Chennai, and would like to request a sensitization event by LGBT and heterosexual ally volunteers of Orinam, do contact us.  We can also refer you to professional consultancies that offer customized D&I training on LGBT issues anywhere in India.

Please note this kit is strictly for non-commercial use only, and may not be used in whole or part in sessions that charge a fee.

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Unit 1: Basics & Background

Unit 2: Context

Unit 3: Workplace Behavior

Unit 4: Closing

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