Orinam and Diversity Dialogues have curated a crowd-sourced directory of employers in India who are known to be transgender, intersex, non-binary or genderqueer (henceforth transgender+) friendly and inclusive. The following list of employers is published along with the Resource guide for employers on building a transgender+ inclusion framework.

The intent of this directory is to help the larger transgender+ communities explore options for inclusive employment, help them/us make better life and career choices, know where to reach out for support, or just understand how trans+ people can affirm and be ourselves without compromising our careers.

Alphabetical listing of companies which have formal, informal or case-by-case support systems for Transgender+ inclusivity:

Altran India Pvt Ltd*
Ashoka University*
Future Group*
IBM India Pvt. Ltd.*
Jeevan Anmol Hospital
Medreich ltd*
Multiple Action Research Group
Radius Global Solutions
SPI Cinemas Pvt Ltd*
Tata Steel Ltd.*
Tweet foundation*

* The asterisk indicates that the survey respondent has provided their contact information and offered to help.

Please get in touch with Diversity Dialogues (dialogues.diversity@gmail.com) if you are looking for more specifics.

Disclaimer: The above list of employers has been crowd sourced from members and allies of the community. Some of the survey respondents have provided their details and agreed to be privately contacted in case anyone is looking for more specifics about an organization. The information is intended to be only an indicative reference. Diversity Dialogues and Orinam do not vouch for the accuracy of the information provided. Diversity Dialogues and Orinam are not affiliated to any of the organizations listed here.

Contribute to this survey and add an organization to the list:

Please help us expand this list by adding details about more organizations. The NAME/IDENTITY of the submitters will be kept CONFIDENTIAL and not published.

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