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Sampoorna Trans Masculine, Intersex and Intergender Meet, 2014


Dear Gender Warriors,

An overwhelming interest has poured in for the earlier announced Sampoorna Trans Masculine Meet!

In order to reflect the gender diversity of the applicants and the geographical spread of those who have applied from both within and outside India, we are now re-announcing the meet:

May 30th – 1st June, 2014
New deadline for submissions: 28th March, 2014

For those who have already sent in their applications, do not bother to send them again!

For those who will be applying for the first time, please find the new ‘Expression of Interest’ [EOI], at:


Looking forward to hearing from even more trans masculine, intersex and intergender people!

And please spread the word!

Sampoorna Trans Masculine, Intersex and Intergender Meet – Working Group


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  1. I am working with Transgender name ” Badhan Hijra Sangha” in Bangladesh. I think it is our extra advance when Sampoorna started from our boarder country India. We are and will be with Sampoorna.
    Go Ahed

    1. Thanks so much Md. Abu Sayed for your solidarity!
      I have recently met Pinki Sikder from your organization and its always great pleasure to work with her!
      Warmest regards,
      Satya, Sampoorna

  2. Respected Sir/Ma’am,
    My name is Sheeza Khan and I am an architecture student from Lucknow. I wish to take up a project for the upliftment of transgender community in India. It would consist of Crisis Centre, Shelter Homes and Training Centres similar to your foundation profile. I would like to request you to direct me to the right places NGO/Organisations with similar profile in bangalore, mubai or delhi for my project as it would be very helpful for my future.

    Your corporation will be highly appreciated.
    Looking forward for your positive response.

    Yours sincerely

    Sheeza Khan
    B.Arch. Final Year 2016-2017 Batch
    Government College of Architecture, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

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