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Sec 377 – I Oppose Decriminalization


You oppose:

The Indian government decriminalizing consensual sexual acts between adults in private


  • It will lead to pedophilia – Read what you are opposing (Keyword: Adults)

  • It will lead to bestiality – Read what you are opposing again (Keyword: Consensual -Animals do not have the capacity to consent to humans for sex)

  • It is against religion – We hate to do this, but read what you are opposing one more time (Keywords: Indian government. Secular. Not a church, temple, gurudwara or a mosque)

  • It is a western import – now, we have to ask you to read the extensive scholarship on sexual and gender diversity in Indian mythology. I know we are asking too much. Just look at the picture.

  • It is against Indian culture – Indian culture is all about tolerance and inclusiveness. We celebrate all forms of diversity, including diversity of intellect – You and us! 😉

  • It is unnatural – you shouldn’t be reading this in the first place. Computers weren’t found in nature either. Log off . Right now! And never log on again. Not even for porn. (PS: Homosexuality is natural and found in hundreds of species)

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