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Srishti: new group in Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Message from Sarvapunyan:

On Sept 10, 2011, Madurai’s first gay ‘Friendly circle meet’ was conducted, with the purpose of having local community members get to know each other. More than 80 gay and bi guys took part in the meet, held at Eco Park. Participants were predominantly students, but also included some faculty from the local colleges, and working professionals such as lawyers. We named the group Srishti.

We discussed issues such as ‘what is gayness’, ‘what is sexual orientation’, basic sex education, problems faced by the LGBT community. I explained about the LGBT community to all the students there. We had friendly chats. In the near future, we plan to conduct basic awareness programs for college students in Madurai through college National Service Scheme (NSS).

For more details, contact srishti.madurai@gmail.com

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