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Statewide protest in Tamilnadu demanding reservations in education and employment for transwomen

People are fond of asking thirunangais: “Why can’t you work honestly? Why do you do sex work? Why do you ask for money at shops?”

Watch this video of Vaishnavi, Chennai’s first thirunangai auto and cab driver responding to such questions. 

Vaishnavi makes it clear that the ordinary work opportunities, taken for granted by many, are not available for thirunangais. They are routinely refused access to education and jobs by society.

Those that have managed to secure a “respectable” job have struggled at every stage. From securing backers, to finding customers, to renting a space, to getting government documents: every single step is a costly struggle that takes years. Often, they are unable to recover the expenses incurred in this process through working.

The only remedy for this is RESERVATION in education and employment.

We invite transwomen, organisations working for the welfare of transwomen, activists and members of the general public who are supportive of the cause of transwomen to attend a protest on

Monday, 17 August 2015
2:00 pm, at
Valluvar Kottam.

Bring along your friends too!

For further details, please contact: Jaya, Sahodaran: 9841865423; Sankari, Nirangal: 9790990622

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  1. Reservation in education and shelter homes and funancial asistance are all require for this community. Perhaps they should be in par with scheduled tribes

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