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Grant for groups challenging Section 377 IPC

The US-based 377 No Going Back Initiative fund seeks applications from India-based organisations working to challenge Sec 377.

A year of action against Section 377 in Tamil Nadu since the 11.12.13 verdict

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Timeline of actions in Tamil Nadu over the first year since the 11.12.13 verdict of Supreme Court of India.

The way forward for 377: Parliament and beyond


Text of speech by ally A. Kumaresan from CPI(M) and TN Progressive Writers’/Artists’ Assocation at Sec377 rally in Chennai on 13 September 2014.

Remembering an ally: GE Vahanvati’s unique contribution

Image source: Outlook India

GE Vahanvati (1949-2014) who represented the Union of India in challenging the Koushal judgement, was a champion of empathetic reasoning

Gay man from India bravely handles blackmailers he met on a dating website

Story of a gay man who bravely handled blackmailers he met on a dating website

Reflections on Koushal vs. Naz: videos of CPR discussion

Videos of Centre for Policy Research panel discussion on Koushal vs. Naz verdict of the Supreme Court of India. Discussion features senior advocates and activists, and was held on Feb 7, 2014, in New Delhi.

Fractured House, song inspired by 377letters: Elisabeth Patuck

Soundtrack and lyrics of Elisabeth Patuck’s song ‘Fractured House’ inspired by the 377letters project.

Homosexuality Is Not Against Nature, Homophobia Is

Arvind Raghavan critiques pseudo-scientific arguments used to oppose LGBT rights.

A tale of two countries: Nigeria, India and LGBTI rights


Both India and Nigeria have seen fundamental retrenchment of LGBTI rights within a month of each other. Chitra Nagarajan reflects on the way forward.

IPS clarifies: Dr. Indira Sharma’s View on Homosexuality is Not the Official View


IPS clarifies: Dr. Indira Sharma’s View on Homosexuality is Not the Official View

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