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R.I.P. Anil/Mariya

On May 10th, Anil Sadanandan (who also went by Mariya), a trans activist living and working in Kerala, India was brutally murdered.

Asking the Right Question

Be it North Carolina's anti-gay marriage amendment or the Indian Supreme Court's hearing on decriminalization of homosexuality, it is important to ask the right question, says Vikram

Gay and Guilty?

At a time when the Supreme Court is deciding whether homosexuality is a crime, hate mongers are accusing the gay community of so many things. But are the gays guilty?

A critique of Pride: more responses

"We need to fight all out against all institutionalized oppressions of human right to freedom of choice and self-expression - unabashed, without any compromise and fear" says Anis Ray Chaudhuri, in response to Neel's "A Critique of Pride". Read the full post.