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Tamil Nadu Rainbow Coalition organizes 377 protest rally at Valluvar Kottam Chennai


Tamil Nadu Rainbow Coaltion

Call for protection of rights of sexual and gender minorities: Rally at Valluvar Kottam, Chennai, January 11, 2014 3-430 PM

Tamil Nadu Rainbow Coalition is a network of groups in the state working on human rights and health issues, including those of sexual minorities such as transgender, gay, lesbian and bisexual people. The Coalition joins protests and rallies in India, one month after the Supreme Court verdict of Dec 11, 2013, upholding IPC 377, dealt a blow to the dignity of LGBT persons who, as per the Indian Constitution, are entitled to equal treatment.
This decision, along with the decisions upholding the emergency (1975) and legitimizing rape (1979 Mathura case) marks the lowest ebb in the illustrious history of the Supreme Court.
Despite this setback, we are tremendously encouraged by the support the LGBT community has received in the form of the review petition by Government of India, as well as progressive voices across the nation. In this rally, we submit the following points:


  1. At the state level, we ask the Tamil Nadu government to amend Section 377 so that it does not criminalize adult consensual relationships in private. In doing this, the state will be following its tradition of other measures that have marked it as a progressive state, such as the 1967 amendment of the Hindu Marriage Act to include self-respect marriages.
  2. At the national level, we ask that the review petitions submitted by Government of India, Naz Foundation and Voices Against 377 be considered favorably, and the dignity of LGBT people in the country be restored.
  3. We seek to be recognized as full and equal members of our families, society, educational institutions, workforce, state and country. We call on people who pronounce judgments on us to set aside misconceptions fueled by ignorance and hate, and ask that you take the time to learn about us and our struggles as minorities even in our own homes.
  4. We express our sincere gratitude to members of the women’s, atheist, Dalit, sex worker and other progressive movements for supporting us. We recognize the commonality of our struggles, and renew our commitment to stand in solidarity with you in pursuit of justice and equality.


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