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Trans, Gender NonConforming and Intersex Collectives Strongly Condemn Kinnar Akhada’s Support for Ram Temple at Ayodhya, India

This is a statement issued by Indian Trans, Intersex and Gender Nonconforming (T/IS/GNC) individuals and groups in response to the Kinnar Akhada’s call for a Ram temple at the Babri Masjid site in Ayodhya. This statement is being issued with the deepest sense of anguish, concern and condemnation at this call, which is bound to fuel communal hatred and violence. Many traditional transfeminine persons and groups have been threatened for wanting to endorse this statement. Threats have been issued to certain members of the signatories list for initiating this statement. We call the attention of the larger LGBTIQ+ communities, our allies, and international human rights defenders and organisations to take notice and join us in taking a stand against these attempts at saffronisation of the LGBTQI+ communities. A total of 183 T/IS/GNC individuals, 20 LGBTQIA+ groups, 8 ally organisations, and 146 individual allies have endorsed this statement at the time of its release.

Click here to view the statement.

Endorsements are still being accepted until 11 pm, IST, 30th November, 2018. Please send your endorsements to trans.solidarity@gmail.com in the format Name, Gender Identity/Expression (optional), Organisational Affiliation (optional), Location.

Please indicate which of the signatory lists you would like to be listed in:

A] Trans, Gender Nonconforming & Intersex individuals

B] LGBTQIA+ Groups, Networks & Organisations (Trans, Gender Nonconforming & Intersex led/shared spaces and otherwise)

C] Allies in solidarity (Non-LGBTQIA+ organisations and queer and non-queer individuals)

  1. a) Organisations
  2. b) Individuals

The full statement may be viewed here

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