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NALSA and beyond: presentation on transgender people and Indian laws

On Aug 22, 2015, Delhi-based queer feminist resource group Nazariya organised a workshop and discussion by Siddharth Narrain, lawyer and Sarai research associate. The objective of the discussion-workshop was to disseminate and understand the transgender rights in India in light of the 2014 NALSA judgement,  the Rajya Sabha Private Member’s Bill on Rights of Transgenders, other laws, and the Nangai ruling of Madras High Court delivered soon after the NALSA judgement.

Thanks to Siddharth and Nazariya for making the presentation available here at Orinam.

The presentation may be viewed below.

If the presentation is not visible, click here


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  1. A remarkably informative site.The personal stories of victims in the society is an eye opener.

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