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Telling Our Stories

“Telling Our Stories” – Sivagami Subbaraman [Talks given at various Washington DC Asian and S. Asian LGBTQ community organizations]

2009 Chennai Rainbow Coalition Highlights

A look at the accomplishments of various Chennai LGBT groups in the year 2009

Queering (my) Bharatanatyam

After the concert when I went to do my pranaams to Ma, her foster son remarked to her in Bangla, Ma! Look at this child! What bhakti! She looked into my eyes while she answered him, No! It is more than Bhakti. I was glad someone understood it and my eyes went watery.

Yet Another Tale Of Love

Despite where we are with each other, he still is my favorite “Murattu Payal” and the very thought of him still brings a smile on my face.

Fiction : Something Stupid

Something Stupid – fiction by Author Mahesh Natarajan

Ganesh’s Coming Out Story

In this essay Ganesh talks about his attraction to men and his concerns around the reactions his parents might face from relatives and society

Velu’s Coming Out Story

Velu talks about his attraction to men in this story.

Shri’s Coming Out Story

Shri writes about how he came out to his parents and how they reacted hearing the big news that their son is Gay.

7 Things NEVER to Say to LGBT Coworkers & Friends

So what are seven things you should NEVER say to your LGBT colleagues? Here’s what GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network), Out & Equal Workplace Project, and PricewaterhouseCoopers executive Stephanie Peel Peel suggest:
No. 1: “I suspected you were …

Poem : Symbols


Tribute to Christy & Rukmani

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