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Media coverage of 377 SC judgment and subsequent developments


Please post links to media stories as comments below. Please include date and city when you post the comments. Comments are moderated, so please don’t post again if your comments don’t show up immediately. Thank you! For a list of people who can be contacted by the media with questions/reactions on the judgement, see here.

Curative Petition coverage [on Feb 2, 2016]

English media : the verdict and after


English media : prior to the verdict

Television debates

Post-verdict coverage: 2013-2014

English media

Hindi media

Foreign Media on SC Verdict

Dec 11, 2013, before the judgement

Dec 10, 2013

Dec 9, 2013

  • Times now, Dec 9: Debate My Life My Right – Ashok Row Kavi and Onir

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