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Curtains: short film by Nakshatra, 2013


In this short film, Nakshatra uses curtains as a metaphor for the insecurity and fear many young LGBT people remain shrouded in, and suggests that the process of coming out can bring with it relief and freedom from many of these fears. Curtains premiered at Kashish: Mumbai International Queer Film Festival in May 2013.

Nakshatra Bagwe (born on December 11, 1990) is a Mumbai-based filmmaker and actor. His short films are a hit with young gay audiences, whose lives he depicts in his work. His award-winning debut, Logging Out, screened at Kashish 2012, as well as in Chennai, New York, and London. It was also a part of Queer India European tour 2012 to raise awareness about LGBT issues in the Indian context.

Read GaysiFamily’s interview with Nakshatra here.

Nakshatra believes in the power of emotions to help him connect with his viewers, and in the precedence of content over capital-intensive production. Further, in his own words, “I believe we need to reach out to that huge section of people who need to be made aware about homosexuality, and not just those who go to film festivals. My film-making is based on this principle; my films are and will always be easily available to ANYONE on this planet!”

In full support of Nakshatra’s philosophy, we at Orinam are pleased to bring you Curtains below:

A Hindi version of Curtains may be viewed here.



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