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Queer and Women’s representation in mainstream cinema: videocast of HQFF panel discussion

In conjunction with the Hyderabad Queer Film Festival 2017, a panel discussion was held on February 19, 2017, at Annapurna Studios Preview Theatre in Hyderabad.

Orinam is pleased to bring you the videocast of the panel discussion, in conjuction with filmmaker and festival curator Moses Tulasi, who facilitated the panel. Panelists included Mahesh Kathi (Film Activist), Rachana Mudraboyina (Transgender Activist),  Gautami Challagulla (Writer), Neha Vyas (Psychotherapist), Manoj Sunanda (Filmmaker), and Rohan Kanawade (filmmaker).

The panel covered a wide range of issues pertaining to representation of women and LGBTQ characters in mainstream cinema, including representation, the sacrosanctity of sexuality and monogamy, the future of independent film distribution,  indifference towards bisexuality, psychology as perceived by the community and society, victim shaming, assertion vs. victimhood narratives.


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