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Resources for the Indian Asexual Community

Asexual Voices
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Those of us in queer/trans communities have long faced struggles to explain being of a different sexual orientation than the mainstream, and/or being of a gender other than that assigned to us at birth. We have had our desires and identities reviled and/or viewed as medical or psychological curiosities, at best, or abnormalities, at worst.

Consider, then, the following attitudes faced by those who are asexual, i.e. do not experience sexual attraction.

“In India psychologists and sexologists are still adamant on medicalising asexuality as a biological deficiency and a naturally impossible phenomenon. They have cited various reasons for asexuality. While some say that asexuality could be caused because of a genetic pre-disposition, others claim that low sex hormones or libido is the cause behind it. Indian doctors with such theories completely discount the fact that people with a high libido who experience adequate arousal can still be asexual simply because there is no desire to act on that arousal. Such theories add to the stigma around asexuality and are a hindrance to come out and talk about it.” – from Asexuality: The Indian Perspective

Thus, we see that the struggles of those who assert the lack of a sexual attraction, i.e. asexuality, converge with those of the queer/trans communities. There also individuals within the lesbian, gay, bi, pan, trans and ally communities who are on the ace spectrum, who may be homoromantic, biromantic, panromantic, as well as asexual, demisexual or Gray-A.

Orinam stands in solidarity with the Ace community, and is pleased to share the following links to resources created by ace individuals in India.

The website http://www.asexualityindia.org/ describes itself as the “first site dedicated to Indians who identify as Asexual”. The site has an associated Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ace.indians/ and a Dating group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ace.dating.india/

We ask our readers to check out the Frequently Asked Questions on Asexuality, read and contribute to Ace first-person narratives, and take a look at some of the media coverage.

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