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Seeking lesbigay participants for qualitative research study


Image source: pars.co.ke
Image source: pars.co.ke

From: Bhavishya A. Kalyanpur and Harini G.:

We are students of Pondicherry (Central) University, pursuing our Masters in Applied Psychology. As part of our Masters Dissertation, we are conducting a qualitative research on ‘understanding human sexuality’.

The available research so far has not completely accounted all the complexities of sexuality. Especially there is a necessity for increasing research pool to better understand alternate sexual orientations in order to stop as well as prevent the widespread discrimination surrounding it.

For this we need to interview participants from the lesbian, gay and bisexual communities to understand their life experiences and ensure that their experiences are empirically examined and accounted in building theories of human sexuality.

Therefore we request you to help us do this by participating in our research.

We are using the methods of focus group discussions and in-depth interviews for participants within the radius of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry and online interviews and telephonic interviews for participants from outside this radius due to lack of time.

We would like male and female participants from lesbian, gay and bisexual orientations for our study. Those who are interested please contact us as soon as possible here, through mail.

The interviews will be with the consent of the participants and the time shall be fixed with the participants when they express their interest for participation in the study. All the data collected shall be kept confidential and all ethical considerations shall be met.

For more information on our methods, please click here.

We understand the value of participants’ time and would be honored if you would help us with our research.
For any information or queries or any specific details regarding our research, please do not hesitate to contact us through mail or through phone. Also please forward this mail to interested persons who are of lesbian, gay or bisexual orientations.

Please mail us at sexualfluidity14@gmail.com


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