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Living Smile Vidya wins Charles Wallace 2013 scholarship

Source: C Palaniappan, The Hindu
Source: C Palaniappan, The Hindu

Hearty congratulations to Living Smile Vidya on being awarded a scholarship by the Charles Wallace India Trust to pursue theatre in the UK.

Smiley is a writer, actor and artist who lives and works in Chennai. Her book  I am Vidya, published in Tamil, has been subsequently translated into English, Malayalam, Marathi and Kannada. She is also an accomplished actor, known for her work with Srijith Sundaram’s Kattiyakkaari production Molagapodi  as well as with other productions and directors. Her art work has won acclaim at both queer and mainstream exhibitions. She has also worked in Tamil and Malayalam movies as Assistant Director.

We also draw the attention of readers to her reflections on being a Dalit transwoman and feminist, in this excerpt of a conversation with Kaveri Karthik and Gee Ameena Suleiman in Bangalore.


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  1. ….a great news….look forward to see UK now being colored with Vidya’s multi-talented features just like those of a rainbow…..

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