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Through Love’s Great Power, by Vikram Seth

Through love’s great power to be made whole
In mind and body, heart and soul –
Through freedom to find joy, or be
By dint of joy itself set free
In love and in companionhood:
This is the true and natural good.

To undo justice, and to seek
To quash the rights that guard the weak –
To sneer at love, and wrench apart
The bonds of body, mind and heart
With specious reason and no rhyme:
This is the true unnatural crime.

Listen to the poem by Vikram Seth

Poem circulated after Supreme Court’s rejection of the review petitions on Jan 28, 2014.

“Any person, publication or channel may use, disseminate or publish this poem/recording freely without permission from the author.” – Vikram Seth

Audio courtesy FirstPost.com

This post is also available in: தமிழ் (Tamil)


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  1. Vikram Seth, powerful poet and voice!
    why did you all get the audio?
    It’s perfect!
    P.s. Great work Orinam team!

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