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6-9-18: Message from a father

My wife and I  thank the Divine and also all the free-minded and fair-minded persons of the country who stood by in the struggle.

Our congratulations and expressions of love and goodwill to all in the LGBT community who have finally found the recognition for their identity. In this moment of relief, happiness and gratitude, and with lots of memories of the days of struggle of these persons, we wish all of them a good future and hope they shall carry on the same spirit of unity and love to all.

As both of us stood by our son, in all his moments of struggle and concerns, we are very happy to send the same love to all his friends and colleagues in the field and we cherish all the love these people show to us.

Even a fast browsing of all the four judgements shows that they spare nothing to denounce and dismiss that disappointing Koushal 2013 judgement, which overruled the magnificent judgement of Justices Shah and Muralidhar in 2009, which opened the light of happiness this community.

That brings to mind the suffering, indignity and tension that these people were subjected to in these last five years, having lost the fruit of recognition that they found and felt suddenly exposed to an indifferent and hostile environment. Thanks to the Lord and the Lordships for restoring them what was their due. Perhaps there is time for everything in the story of humankind.

Along with my goodwill, it is my wish and hope that this relief and recognition will give an impetus to all in the LGBT community to carry on their work in the friendly spirit in the social sphere where the real acceptance will be still hard to attain.

And it is a fond wish that this community of people shall remember and support the fight of those other oppressed people denied of their freedom in society , whose just struggle for their identity is still going on.


Orinam Notes:

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  2. Ally image authored by AnonMoos, abstract flag design by http://straight-allies-for-equality.tumblr.com/ – Public Domain, Link

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