Online groups, offline groups, websites, and other information for the LGBT community of Indian or South Asian origin.

இணைய அமைப்புகள் மற்றும் தளங்கள்

  • Gay Bombay – List and website for gay men in Mumbai
  • Chennai LGBT Pride – List for Chennai Rainbow Coalition individuals and organizations
  • Good as You– List for LGBT people from Bangalore
  • Grace Without Measure – Mailing list for gay Christians in and around Chennai
  • Movenpick – list for LGBT people from Chennai (associated with website)
  • Prathibimb – list for LGBT people from Hyderabad
  • Khush-list – mailing list for LGBT people of South Asian origin worldwide
  • – website for LGBT people of Indian origin worldwide
  • LGBT-India – mailing list for LGBT people in India
  • Desi Dykes – mailing list for lesbian and bisexual South Asian women world-wide
  • Lesbian India – mailing list for lesbians in India and of Indian origin
  • RIOV – mailing list for Chennai lesbians and bi women
  • Sampoorna – mailing list for transpeople (MtF, Ftm and others) in India
  • Transgender sisters – mailing list for MtF transwomen, hijras and aravanis

சென்னையில் உள்ள அமைப்புகள்

  • Center for Counselling – Provides individual and group counseling services that are LGBT affirmative, offers training to counsellors and other mental health professionals on sexuality issues, among other program areas
  • Chennai Dost – group for gay and bi men in Chennai: contact +91 95516 30213 and
  • Chennai Rainbow Coalition – informal collective of organizations and individuals who organize Chennai Pride. Contact CRC through our contact page.
  • Sahodaran – Kothis, DDs and other MSM in Chennai (offline group, offering HIV prevention and drop-in services)
  • Sahodari Foundation – offline group for male-to-female trans people in Tamil Nadu
  • Sangama Chennai – +91 98406-99776: crisis support for sexual minorities (men, women or transgender people)
  • Shakthi Resource Center – collective of activists, performers, academics and everyday revolutionaries who are creating a public dialogue on gender and sexuality in Chennai. Contact or
  • Social Welfare Association for Men – Kothis, DDs and other MSM/TG in Chennai (offline group, offering HIV prevention and drop-in services)
  • Solidarity and Action Against The HIV Infection in India (SAATHII) – HIV/AIDS non-profit agency that provides capacity building to healthcare providers, government programs, other NGOs and community groups on HIV technical issues, gender and sexuality.
  • South India AIDS Action Programme (SIAAP) – HIV/AIDS non-profit agency that work towards appropriate responses for a socially safer environment for people affected by/vulnerable to HIV such as Women Selling Sex, Men who have Sex with Men and People Living with HIV and AIDS.

சென்னையை தாண்டி உள்ள அம்மைப்புகள்

Check out the resource pages of Sangama, Trikone, Global Queer Desi and IndianDost. Please bring outdated links to our notice.

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